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I am so honored and excited to connect with you! With the teachings of ancient shamanic healing in my home country of Peru and as a sensitive empath, I offer a variety of transformative energy healing modalities for you to live a more joyful, peaceful, and fulfilling life. Through the balance of mind, body, heart, and spirit we can unlock your full potential and assist you to reconnect with your divine essence and purpose.

I invite you to step into the infinite possibilities of abundance, love, health, freedom, and happiness! 

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Akashic records | Angel therapy | Shaman crystal energy healing | Light Codes activation

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Image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli.

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe... and to match your nature with Nature.” -Joseph Campbell


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Luisa has assisted me with some physical challenges by providing grounding practices in order to restore balance in my energy field. Her gentle approach made the process relaxing allowing me to reconnect with my body and get out of my busy mind. Needless to say, a sense of well-being was key to restore my health. Much appreciated Luisa's assistance! Highly recommended!



Luisa is a healer and a teacher and a woman who lives her life consciously in her spiritual journey.  She has introduced me to new ways of seeing and thinking and I learn from her. I like to think that it is mutual and that perhaps, with our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we learn from each other.  She is wise, she is passionate, she is expressive, she is mischievous; she loves to laugh, eat good food, float on her back in the sea and lives life to the fullest.  Luisa….a warrior, a healer…both gentle and fierce…a powerful energy wherever she goes. A beautiful woman who wore bright, bold colors as if they were created for her with an embrace as warm and welcoming as her smile. 

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I just had a Phenomenal Session with Luisa Vaca... and am estounded. I Feel so rejuvenated and clear. Money well spent. Thank U. That Akashic Session was a Miracle.  I just Ascended 5 Levels and the Whole Line of Ancestry just got Cleared, Released & ReFilled with Divine Lifht. I saw Eyes of all those hurt Relations until it finally stopped and transmuted. Wow!

I was so Clear i blurted “I Love U” repeatedly and Thanking My Guides, the Akashic Lords and  Welcome to Magic, Miracles & Bliss.


 I didn’t know it could get so Good. Life gets better & better, Every Day in Every Way, Life gets Better: more joy, love, ease, grace, cooperation, synergy, Unity, trust, creativity, building, magic. Yum!

I found Luisa’s knowledge in many healing techniques from many cultures especially her own Peruvian background has given her the ability to Taylor my experience to fit my needs. I came away from the session rejuvenated and with more clarity in my life.



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Text and WhatsApp: (818) 635-0653   |  - Kauai Hawaii

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